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Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Galaxy Note 10 would be entitled to the same quadruple photo sensor as the S10 5G

The Galaxy Note 10 should offer the same features as the S10 compatible 5G in terms of photography. We would then have a quadruple sensor with ToF on the back and two modules at the front. A Note 10th less equipped would be satisfied with 3 sensors on the back and 2 front as on the S10 +. Note 10 5G is also expected.

The new report on the Galaxy Note 10 that will arrive in a few months. According to the South Korean publication The Bell, which relies on information from a source close to suppliers, the smartphone would be equipped with the same photo setup as the Galaxy S10 5G, namely a quadruple sensor on the back including a ToF ( Time of Flight) for the depth of field as well as a double sensor at the front.

Galaxy Note 10: 4 photosensors in the back and two in the front as on the S10 5G?

We also mentioned the possible release of a Galaxy Note 10e, it seems that it is well in the plans of Samsung, which is very satisfied by the cutting into four models he made for the S10. This Note 10e would embark on its side a triple photo sensor on the back. It will probably be deprived of the ToF module. If he inherits as supposed of the setup of the S10 +, he would still be entitled to double frontal sensor. This model would be smaller and especially for the European market.

We also expect a 5G version of the Galaxy Note 10. While the Note range did not extend so far in a multitude of models, with only variants for storage space, it seems that there are three devices Note 10 that are expected for this month of August 2019. Note 10 compatible 5G could offer 12 GB of RAM: Samsung has already formalized such a memory chip.

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