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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Student destroys 66 computers from American university with usb stick

An Indian student has announced that he has physically disabled 66 computers from an American university with a USB stick. According to the prosecutor, the stick sent a command that broke the computers.

The 27-year-old Indian Vishwanath Akuthota is said to have been destroyed with a USB stick according to the American prosecutor of suspected equipment from The College of St. Rose, a university in the city of Albany in New York State. In February 2019, he is said to have put a 'USB killer' device in 66 computers, as well as in multiple screens and 'computer-enhanced stages'.

According to the public prosecutor, a USB killer sends a command to the computer, which ensures that the capacitors of a computer charge and discharge quickly and repeatedly. In this way, the USB port and electrical systems of the computer are physically destroyed, according to the prosecutor.

This is probably a device such as the USB Kill. This USB device uses power from the computer to charge the capacitors of the USB Kill itself. Once charged, the USB Kill sends approximately 200 volts DC through the USB port to the computer. This charging and discharging cycle is repeated until the device is removed or the circuit in the computer is broken, explain the makers of the USB Kill. The makers call it a test device to enable manufacturers to check whether their computer is susceptible to this attack.

According to the prosecutor, Akuthota has since announced that he has intentionally destroyed the computers. He also recorded his act with his telephone and, according to the prosecutor, he made comments in his actions such as 'I'm going to kill this guy'. He confessed his deeds, which cost the university almost 52,000 euros and says he will pay it back.

His prison sentence will be determined in August 2019. He can receive a maximum of ten years in prison and a fine of up to 222,000 euros. After his release, he can be kept under surveillance for another three years. Why he broke the computers is unknown. According to the Times Union regional newspaper, he graduated with an MBA in December 2017.

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