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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Police in India arrested ten students for playing PUBG

The Indian state of Gujarat has recently banned children from playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Ten players have already been arrested by the police.

Indian police arrested ten students after catching them playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) on mobile. Gujarat, a western state of the country, banned the game last week because the game would make it too dependent and violent. The students were finally released on bail a few hours later.

The students were apparently "so engrossed" in the game that they did not look up and did not notice the police approaching to stop them, a police officer told local media.

PUBG is still legal in the rest of India, but Gujarat has chosen to ban gambling after parents and educators have complained that it is too violent and distracts students. In February, a local minister in Gujarat described the phenomenon as a "demon in every home," according to the Times of India. And while players continue to enjoy mobile PUBG in other parts of India, educators in the rest of the country are still worried about gambling addiction.

Last month, PUBG's parent company, Bluehole, told Indian media, "We also think it's extremely important for us to be a responsible member of the gaming ecosystem. To that end, we are constantly working and will continue to work with ... parents, educators and government agencies, and listen to their feedback on what we can do. "

Meanwhile, royal battle rival Fortnite has not faced restrictions of this kind. This may be due to several reasons: its cartoon side makes the violence is less realistic than on PUBG, and the download of the game is not as simple on Android, the predominant operating system in India, because users have to manually download from the Epic Games website. For these reasons, PUBG seems to be the easiest target for lawmakers currently.

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